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Shaunté Usual  

Shaunté Usual is more than what meets the eye - a woman on a journey to leave her mark on your ears and your heart.

With an extensive background in the performing arts, Usual started her career as a professional NFL Cheerleader for the Washington Redskins where she had the pleasure of performing in over 25 countries spanning across 5 continents for the USO and DOD. She later brought her talents to the world of theater and acting with appearances as the lead in the musical stage play, "Inner City" and HBO's "The Wire".

Shaunté’s music has been placed in tv shows, web series, and movies. She’s worked with Grammy-winning producers and artists. In conjunction with her solo career she is also the featured female vocalist in the group Cool Peoples; an eclectic group of songwriters, producers, rappers and vocalists. Their second album titled Black Velvet was just released. The group was formed by Caligrafi Jones who is Shaunté’s executive producer and collaborative partner.

With the release of her latest album, #TUX : The Usual Xperience, Vol. 1 Shaunté gives her audience an intimate look into the heart of a woman in love.

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