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Shaunté Usual discusses her music and the process in making her new album #TUX.


The Usual Xperience, what it was like performing overseas and her experience as a NFL pro cheerleader for the Washington Redskins.


Interview aired May 22, 2019

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Shaunté Usual was interviewed on "Torah Found" on KCWG Radio.


Listen to how her faith has navigated her steps in life and the entertainment industry.


Interview aired May 3, 2019

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Picture from "Blacked Out" music video.  Directed by Amy Amir & Cinematographer Chris Monberg.

Shaunté Usual recently released her new single “Phoenix” which is available now for purchase on iTunes. A former NFL Cheerleader for the Washington Redskins and actress best known for her guest starring role as Patrice on HBO’s The Wire, Shaunté Usual is becoming the one to watch in the music industry.

With an extensive background in the performing arts, Usual started her career as a professional NFL Cheerleader for the Washington Redskins where she had the pleasure of performing in over 25 countries for the USO and DOD.

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In life, there is something called a "leap of faith". This is when you take a chance on your faith and go for whatever it is you may want.

That is what Shaunte did.

​Shaunte Usual is a singer, songwriter, actress and producer. Currently residing in California, Shaunte took a leap of faith and moved to the  "Golden State" after a vision God gave her.

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Picture from "Phoenix" music video.  Directed by Tony Güembes & Cinematographer Chris Monberg.

There is something quite refreshing and unique about Ms. Shaunté Usual. The Maryland native is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress whose style of music is a combination of Solange and Rachael Yamagata, with hints of Norah Jones thrown into the mix. And once you listen to “Blacked Out”, the first single from her album #TUX:The Usual Xperience, you too will see why her talent is anything but usual.

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Picture from "Blacked Out" music video.  Directed by Tony Güembes & Cinematographer Chris Monberg.

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